About Me

I started personal training to help people achieve their optimum physique.  I am not not one of those typical weight-loss factory gurus you see on TV. Reaching an optimum physique is an aesthetic balance of muscle and tone. Whether you need to lose or gain weight is pointless since it is not a proper criteria for an aesthetic physique. Simply put, I mold people into want they want to look like, not what they should weigh. Since 2001 we’ve accomplished this task by combining time-honored training programs with modern day innovation. My nutritional line consists of IOC-approved supplements and vitamins that are safe and effective to use. Whether you’re an athlete wanting to excel in your chosen sport or profession or someone who just wants to get back in shape, I have proven my reputation in body-shaping fitness. You’ll never have to worry about taking dangerous products or anything that could cause you to test positive in an athletic event. When it comes to getting the job done, you can count on me to lead by action rather than words.