Wanna Be A Sponsored Athlete?? Not So Fast!!

A good friend of mine recently wrote an article recently about how to become a sponsored athlete in a fitness based company and while it was a good article and a change of pace from the general standard at the website it was posted, there were a few things missing that athletes will need to consider and utilize in order to achieve this most sought after position.


Number 1: Have All Of Your Paperwork In Order

Seeking a position as a sponsored athlete in a fitness company is the same as looking for any other job because that’s exactly what it is….a J-O-B. So its very important to have a resume available for review by potential employers. Your resume should highlight all jobs that a company would consider favourable to the current one that you are seeking. Do not forget to include any awards, citations, community involvement, and other accolades that you have earned. Make sure your resume is neat, easy to read, and straightforward. Also be sure to keep your resume limited to one page unless you have viable amount of history already in the industry to warrant additional pages. Be sure to keep your resume not only on paper but on file such as an USB drive in the event that you need to send it via email or if you lose your printed copy and need to make a new one.

Number 2: Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

While seeking a position as a sponsored athlete is like looking for a job, the fitness industry is focused on looks and appearance so its important to have a portfolio of yourself for photo. This is one of the essential pieces of advice that Joe Weider had given to athletes in his Encyclopedia Of Modern Body-building. While its great to have pictures of you competing in contest available, these pictures are not suitable as they are generally not taken in a controlled environment. So its not a bad idea to have some professional pictures made of yourself that highlights your best features. You can go to a photographers studio and have them completed in very little time but if you’re short on cash, you can always seek out a friend who has a high quality camera to snap off a couple of shots. When your portfolio is complete, you should include it with your resume when submitting it to a company.

Number 3: Is It Worth Becoming A Sponsored Athlete???

Although I’ve been pointing out essential tips on becoming a sponsored athlete, you may be surprised to hear that I generally do not recommend the majority of athletes to seek out this position… least without considering the positives and negatives of becoming one. If you’re a professional athlete, IFBB…NGA…WNBF then this information does not apply to you because generally the contacts given to these athletes are going to be quite lucrative….period. A professional body-builder can receive between 30k to over 250k per year just in sponsorship and endorsements along with additional stipends such a compensation for meals, travel, hotel and lodging, transportation, etc. Professional athletes are generally the flagships of many fitness companies to sell their products so they are generally treated like a fat man at an All You Can Eat Buffet.

However, for an amateur athlete it works a lot differently. On some occasions, a company may pay a popular amateur athlete a decent sum of money. But the majority of contract offered to them are nothing more than some free products sent to them on a monthly basis. Even worse, some companies will exploit individuals by making them sign a no-compete clause depriving them of actual monetary opportunities that arise in addition to making them travel to all of their events and work their booths for little to no compensation whatsoever other than minimum wage at best although there have been some companies that have even tried to squeak past that by signing them up as “independent contractors” or simply telling them to do it for free in order to get “exposure and experience” in the industry. Ultimately, this generally proves consequential for a budding athlete’s career as they will usually end up compounding a large amount of debt just to fulfil the terms of a legally binding contract

Its very important that all athletes read the fine print on their contract before possibly signing their lives away. If you can’t understand the writing, then get some legal assistance. If the company refuses to allow you to seek legal opinion then just walk away from the whole deal….there’s nothing wrong with that. Even General MacArthur retreated when he realized that a battle was fruitless to win.

Now I will conclude this article with an alternative to athletes who cannot find a suitable sponsorship. There is always the option of getting involved with a fitness company that is network marketing based. Companies such as Herbalife, Usana Sciences, and the company I’m involved in…Advocare can give you the opportunity to earn income towards your goals.  There is a lot more more work involved as you’ll have to earn your money by selling products but the rewards are much greater and best of all, you control your own destiny.  If you wish to find out more information on network marketing and other opportunities available, you know where to find me.